Your 2021 Vision

I had a lot of people reach out to me and share how they enjoyed the one I did for 2018 and 2019 so I wanted to carry on the tradition! Here's one of their comments!

"Early January 2019, I discovered's amazing printable-ready-to-go vision board template. The design was festive, clear, results-oriented and made me want to really narrow down what was essential for the year. I spent two hours colouring and personalizing the vision board. It was a fun moment filled with deep reflection on what I wanted 2019 to look like. I hung it on my wall and checked it regularly to confirm I was still on the right track. Amazingly enough, the year is almost over and I have accomplished 95% of the plan!" - Sandrine Gressard

The Elements that we are focusing on for the 2021 vision visual this year:

  • Your Word of the year
  • Experiences... (you want to have)
  • I want to learn...
  • I will focus on...
  • Goals (up to 5)
  • Keep (things you want to keep)
  • Let go of (things you want to let go of)
  • What I want more of in my life...
  • My Passions...
  • My Intention...

Word of the Year

Last year my word of the year was Listen. I wanted to take time to not just listen to the people and things around me but more importantly listen to my inner voice. I'm not sure how good of a job I did with that. With Covid, things were thrown for a loop but I was more mindful about listening to my intuition.

2021 my word will be




I’m excited to share this 2021 Vision Visual with you! I’d be happy to send it to you, just fill out the form and you’ll immediately receive a download. You can edit on your computer or print large and write it and stick it up as a reminder throughout the year!

My Vision 2021_MindsEyeCreative

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