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A hasnd drawn person with an eye on their forehead

So, my business name is Mind’s Eye
Creative. There have been a few times in my life where I had to name things. My
kids, pets and business. If you’ve ever had to ‘name’ something you know how
tricky that can be. You want it to be a name that’s going to stand the test of
time. You don’t want to get sick of it. Especially when it comes to a business
name you want it stick with you as you go along your journey, morph and grow.

Here are some different definition of ‘mind’s eye’

Dictionary.com definition: the hypothetical site of visual recollection or imagination

Merriam-Webster definition:
the mental faculty of conceiving imaginary
or recollected scenes or the mental picture so conceived

Cambridge Dictionary definition: in your imagination or memory

I really like some synonyms from Merriam-Webster. These synonyms really lend themselves to how I define graphic recording: abstraction, cogitation, concept, conception, idea, image, impression, intellection, notion, picture, thought.

My summary
from this: where visuals in mind are developed by your imagination

The concept of having an ‘eye in our mind’ dates back as far as we know- the 14th century. Since then, many philosophers have spoke about the consciousness and our ability to create images in our mind. Shakespeare even mentions it in his play Hamlet, which was written in 1602.

Some people
even have a disorder called Aphatasia where they cannot or have difficult forming
images in their mind.

A study back in 2000 discovered that
there is evidence that single neurons participate in the recall of individual images
in our mind. It’s quite amazing our how brains process images and everything
that works together to make it happen. Most scientists suggest that we actually
‘see’ with our brain and that our eyes are simply providing sensory input. The
brain processes what you ‘see’. So maybe it’s our mind’s eye is responsible for
remembering those images and how we recall them with.

As I’m graphic recording I hear information. That information has to go in my mind’s eye to visualize it. I have to use other parts of my brain to listen to that information, to think about it, synthesize it and then develop visuals that may best represent those ideas. Is this scientifically correct, maybe not but this is how I ‘visualize’ it for myself.

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