Visual Note-Taking

Visual Content Design Services

Stop creating boring content and engage with your audience! To meet your needs, I offer a range of personalized content designs which may include the following: [doodle_icon][/doodle_icon]  Flipchart design for training’s [doodle_icon][/doodle_icon]  Templates for workshops, meetings, world cafe, etc. [doodle_icon][/doodle_icon]  Large scale infomural creation of your content after an event (mail you a hard copy and digital versions)[doodle_icon][/doodle_icon]  Sketchnotes (small scale graphic recording) of meetings, conference call, keynotes, etc. (digital version)[doodle_icon][/doodle_icon]  Visuals for websites, social media usage, etc. [doodle_icon][/doodle_icon]  Graphic summary for reports or visuals to be included in documents[doodle_icon][/doodle_icon]  Consultation on creating a visual, engaged workplace [doodle_icon][/doodle_icon]  And More!

If you have a visual need I can meet it! Contact me with your idea!  leadershift_podcast_jon_acuff_5nowlc_feb_2016_template