The Hardest Letter of the Them?

S,s,s,s in differnt lettering styles for graphic recording or sketchnoting

Did you guess it? If you said the letter ‘s’ you are right. There is a bit of debate on which letter is THE most difficult to draw, but my vote is with the letter ‘s’. It is unrelated to any other letter form. It doesn’t have a straight line, no part of it touches another part of it. It’s got two curves that you have TRY and make even and proportionate. Tricky little ‘s’.

One thing I have to always consider when I’m graphic
recording/facilitating is my speed and legibility. It’s tricky to write any
letters too quickly let alone the letter ‘s’. This is where a lot of practice
helps. I do admit I am working on branching out and challenging myself to learn
different lettering styles but in doing so I have to practice each one with care.
To get the letters down and consistent takes practice, then I have to practice
just as much as writing them quickly but legible at the same time.

I learned 2 interesting tricks from during one of Heather
Martinez lettering courses last year.

Here's TIP #1
Tip #2!

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