My Favourite Sticky Note Hack

A photo of Ashton holding a sticky note with the title 'The best sticky note hack ever'

One thing I’m unapologetically passionate about (and glad my profession as a graphic recorder and live illustrator gives me excuses to buy) is office supplies. I’ve waxed possibly-too-enthusiastic about my favourite markers for graphic recording already, but another stationery item that I adore…is sticky notes.

My goodness, I love sticky notes.

 I have an ENTIRE DRAWER in my office dedicated to these miraculous inventions.

Now, everyone gets the general gist of how to use a sticky note. You write on it, peel it, and stick it. It’s really not complex.

So why devote an entire blog post to it, you ask?

Well, my friends, what if I told you that I could teach you a hack that takes no extra time but will change your sticky-note life? Yes, really.


Let’s go.

So usually you write your note, grab a bottom corner of the sticky note, and pull up to unstick it, right? But then what happens?

This happens. The note is curly, and it sticks out. It can (and will) get caught on things and come off. It’s not good. I hate it.

So, here’s the solution:

Instead of pulling from the bottom…pull from the side. Pull that note straight across, parallel to the sticky section. Now stick that note where you want it and look at the difference.

See? It’s flat and beautiful and perfect, and honestly, I’m getting choked up just looking at it!

People who come to my graphic recording workshops have told me that this one tiny hack alone was worth the price of admission. I hope it changes your life. It certainly changed mine!

If you want to learn about sketchnoting and how to get started, head over to and grab my free PDF guide. It’s got simple ideas, tips, and techniques to try. You don’t need to be an artist to do it, you just need to be curious and willing to play. I hope you enjoy!

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