My graphic recording toolkit

Graphic recording toolkit for Mnds Eye Creative


Having quality tools is a bonus but not a necessity when doing graphic recording. This outline will be a peek into my kit! At events, the marker lovers visit me and ask me what I use and share them this information. I could talk about markers all day long!

When I started out the first year or so I used sketcher markers. I came across some that weren't scented and have a few of those. They certainly got the job done! As I was doing more and more I decided to invest in Neuland markers and as time goes on I add more and more quality materials to my kit and office.

I have Neuland markers in a variety of sizes as you can see.

The outliner black ones I use a lot. You'll notice that they have different markings on the bottom. I did this to signal to me what type of marker it is. For example, the one with the X is the round nib. This way, when I'm working quickly I know which one is which. Seconds are precious when recording fast so making it as easy for yourself as possible is key.

Neuland has a great palette but I have experimented a bit creating my own colours* so I carry a few of those with me as well. Colours that I tend to use more of I carry a few markers of that same colour or bring the ink with me. With a condensed kit I always make sure I at least have the outliner black with me at all times. What makes the black outliner so special is that when dry (and it dried fairly quickly) it doesn't bleed with other colours.

Neuland Markers for graphic recording

The Box!

I carry a small box that holds odds and ends that are really important.

  1. Business cards - cause like, ya!
  2. White mailing labels - I use these to quickly cover up mistakes/errors
  3. Sticky notes - to make quick notes while recording.
  4. Pencil & eraser - I don't use these a lot but you sure miss them when you don't have them!

The Kit

Last year I bought a specific bag to fit the marker boxes perfectly. It was definitely a nice addition. I don't always travel with it when using a condensed kit but it's so glorious to have everything together that fit perfectly.

Other things to make sure I include in the kit are:

  • Scissors
  • Tape (white or cream colour artist tape preferably)
  • camera (not shown in photo because I was using it to take the photo! I have a Canon EOS M100
  • smart phone - for googling things on the fly

and of course

  • Paper! 3 - 4 feet wide!
  • Collapsible stands

If you have any other questions about what's in my kit - give me a shout! I just released my next Graphic Recording 101 workshop dates in Toronto & Halifax. If you want your own starter marker kit I give them out at the workshops and walk you through how to use the supplies and markers effectively. Sign up and I'll see you there!

*Colour is spelled ColoUr (I'm Canadian!)

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