My Favorite Markers for Sketchnoting and Live Illustration

A photo of a rainbow of BIG ONE Neuland markers

When I’m graphic recording in person at a live event, people come up to me all the time and ask what kind of markers I use. I LOVE it when they chat with me, and geeking out about markers and stationery supplies is the best!

Since they’re some of my favorite things, I thought I’d take a quick minute (or five) and tell you about the marker brand I love the most. This isn’t a sponsored post at all…more like a love letter to the best markers I’ve used!

A Love Letter to Neuland Markers

How do I love Neuland Markers? Let me count the ways…

  1.  They’re excellent quality markers in general.
  2.  They don’t have that “permanent marker” smell. I’m scent-sensitive, and working with stinky markers all day just isn’t an option for me. These don’t bother me at all.
  3.  They’re water-based so they’ve been known to wash out of clothes (they don’t have a perfect track record, but I’ll take a solid “sometimes” over a “Haha, just go buy a new shirt” any day). They also come off my hands in a couple of washes, which is a plus when you draw as much as I do!
  4.  They don’t bleed much. Unless you’re using super-thin paper or your marker is really full, it’s usually not a problem.
  5.  They’re sustainable. Let’s face it, markers, in general, aren’t great for the environment. They’re made of plastic, and you have to chuck most of them out when they run out of ink. Not so with Neuland Markers! They’re refillable up to 24 times (or 12 times for the BigOne) and the tips are replaceable, which is a spectacular feature.

If you’re curious about how you refill a Neuland marker, check out the My Favorite Markers video on my YouTube page or scroll to the bottom of this post to watch!

  1.     They come in different sizes and tip styles.
  • My favorite tip is the No.One Outliner. It’s a bullet point marker, which gives you a nice, clean line.
  • They also have the Art marker, which is a brush tip, and that’s great for filling in large spaces, or if you like brush lettering styles (the brush tips tend to wear out more quickly, but again, the tips are replaceable, so it’s all good!)
  • The FineOne and the FineOne Flex are sweet little tips that are perfect for personal sketchnoting in notebooks etc.
  • And then there’s the BigOne which, like the name, is just freaking enormous. It’s a massive chisel tip and I love using it for live event illustrating, partly because it’s perfect for large-scale graphic recording…and partly because it’s fun to show people!

      7.  They’re great to buy from. Their customer service is phenomenal and they’re so supportive of the work I do as a graphic recorder. I can’t say enough good things about them. You can check out the Neuland website here.

So there you go! Neuland Markers are the best. I love them. I could go on and on about why they’re awesome, but I’m sure you get the idea!

If you ever have any questions about my work as a graphic recorder, or about sketchnoting and live illustration, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! I love geeking out about my work with my blog readers as much as I love doing it with event attendees!

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