Mind’s Eye Creative Community Creativity Awards

Are you doing awesome work in your community? We want to award you!

Mind’s Eye Creative Community Creativity Awards gives charities and non-profits who may not be able to afford that opportunity to work with Mind’s Eye Creative through graphic facilitation.  The goal of the program is to support organizations that are doing awesome community development work in Nova Scotia. 

Who you’d be working with:

Ashton Rodenhiser is an international graphic recorder and owner of Mind’s Eye Creative Consulting. Most days you’ll find her literally drawing out the Big Picture during presentations and meetings to help folks gain clarity and connect deeper with what’s being said and remember it long-term. She helps create a shared understanding through graphic facilitation and scribing the information for everyone to reflect on during and after events and sessions. She loves doodling, drawing, illustrating and helping see their impact through visual language.

Minds Eye Creative community creativity awards
A photo of Ashton graphic recording or live illustration on a big sheet of paper

The winning organization will receive:

  • Planning meeting/call to discuss details, requirements, philosophy and understanding on how we will get the most out of our day together
  • A  day graphic facilitation session to help your organization gain clarity through visual thinking.
  • All originally visual charts that are created on site.
  • High resolution cleaned up digital photos of the visuals

Ideally the organization has a session or meeting planned that Mind’s Eye Creative an assist with. Sessions examples could be: strategic planning, brainstorming, workshop, visioning session. Please clearly outline in the application form this session. If you don’t have something currently planned – please describe a situation where you are struggling that we can help you with. For example: Are you struggling understanding your mission or vision? Want to re-envision your mission/vision statements.

Application Information:

  • Deadline: January 25, 2020 11:59pm AST
  • Registered charities OR incorporated non-profits are eligible. For-profit companies are not eligible. Open to organizations in Nova Scotia, Canada (see additional information).
  • To apply please fill out the google form (see the Enter button below). Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Winner(s) will be awarded and announced early February.
  • Winning graphic facilitation sessions must be used by March 31, 2020
graphic recording by Minds Eye Creative
A photo of Ashton graphic recording or live illustration on a big sheet of paper

Additional information:

  1. The award must be claimed by March 31, 2020. Dates must be included in the application form but can be flexible based on a first come first serve basis. We will work with the winner to try and work out the best time possible for all parties.
  2. Organizations must be located in Nova scotia. If the organization is based outside of HRM or the South Shore area a travel fee may incur.
  3. Organization agrees that Mind’s Eye Creative may photograph or video parts of the event (not including sensitive information) to be used for future promotion activities
  4. Expenses for the graphic recording are included in the award and does not include additional expenses that may incur for your organization’s session (printing)

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