Inside the mind of a graphic recorder

inside the mind of A GRAPHIC RECORDER

A few months ago some folks who I've met in person and online reached out to me to ask if I was interested in help organize a virtual event, and also speak at said event. I enthusiastically responded, especially in March, with most of my work projects at the time being cancelled or put on hold I felt like I had time to commit to helping. I might have underestimated my time though because now all of a sudden I'm a stay at home/work mom of 3 and have been successful at some of my outreach for digital graphic recording, I got a bit busy! Nevertheless I was happy to help where I could, in the organizing of the event. The event was called Let's Sketch Tech and was a virtual event held on Saturday May 16, 2020. It celebrated all things doodly and tech!

There was a wicked awesome line-up of folks who took part and spoke. I watched Nicole Majeske's workshop/talk on 'Zine your new passion project' It was so awesome. I definitely want to put my ideas to paper in this format in the future. I've never really done any zine stuff before but I love the idea of it. If this visual has peaked your interest - feel free to watch it here!



At the last second I decided that if I was going to allow people to enter my brain for the hour they could learn additional things about me. I put in a creepy Christmas photo of my family as well as this visual:


I believe my skills are valuable and worthy of compensation

I didn't know how popular this image was going to be with folks. I'm a mindset junkie and how I have worked to change my beliefs and how I look at the world is really important to me. I'm glad I took a minute to speak about this notion of believing in your skills and that they are worthy of compensation. This image was, I think, the most shared and retweeted image of my whole presentation - who knew!

Feel free to grab a tea, coffee or lemonade and watch my talk here:

If you would like to be informed about future Let's Sketch Tech events feel free to hop over to think link and plug in your email address.

To check out more awesomeness visit the other co-organizers pages Marlena at AppearWorks, Denise at and Kaitlin at her Twitter.

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