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The heart of our services is transforming complex ideas into simple, easy to understand images. We combine your spoken words with our creativity, increasing memory retention, promoting innovation, and encouraging creative thinking.

If you're looking to extend the impact of your information long past the end of your event or meeting, live illustration can do the trick!

Mind's Eye Creative can work with you either in-person or virtually.

What Does This Look Like?

In person:

We create life-size images on 4x8’ sheets of paper. They are drawn live in the room and make great conversation pieces when hung around the event space—and when shared on social media!

A photo of Ashton graphic recording or live illustration on a big sheet of paper


We create high-resolution digital images and provide the files with alt text and audio descriptions so you can share it everywhere you want to. A live feed captures the drawing process during the presentation.

A screenshot of many screens in a virtual event with graphic recording
graphic recording by Minds Eye Creative

Graphic Recording

When you're planning an event with a ton of content, it's important to make it engaging, memorable, and accessible. A graphic recorder attends your event and uses live illustration techniques to distill the information into a single, dynamic, selfie-worthy image.

You’ll be astonished how much material each graphic contains, and how beautifully it comes together. Audience members can watch as we translate each speaker's presentation in real time.

After the event, you can use the image as a speaker's gift, social media image, video thumbnail, blog post picture, and more! We provide a PDF full of ideas and tips for making the most out of your image.

Check out the portfolio for examples.

Graphic Facilitation

A graphic facilitator works in a group setting like a planning meeting or strategy session. The facilitator listens intently to the conversations and records ideas, themes, and visual metaphors in real time.

Graphic facilitation can help make sure that everyone's voice is heard, and often leads participants to explore ideas that might otherwise have been missed. Because of this, we consider ourselves co-creators in the process.

We often work side by side with amazing facilitators. We can bring someone in from our team or we can collaborate with someone from yours. The facilitator holds space and helps you get the most impact out of the session while the graphic facilitator brings the meeting to life!

a photo of a woman next to a graphic recording on a wall

Some Events Graphic Recorded:

Topics we have experience in:

Medical (FASD)
Independent Living
Non-Profit Leadership
Food Security
Seniors Issues
Sustainable Oceans
Youth Homelessness
University groups
Student Research
Substance Use Health
Municipal Government

Cyber Security
Chaos Engineering
Cloud & Cloud Native
Container Orchestration
Graph QL

Library Administration
Elementary Schools
Fire Safety
Human Resources
UX Design
Climate Change
Renewable Energy

Diversity in Tech
Chronic Disease
Tax Planning
First Nations
Medical Benefits
Real Estate
Community Development
Youth Engagement
Mental Health
Sports Leadership
Seafood Industry

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