Graphic Facilitation & Graphic Recording

Graphic Facilitation & Recording is a visual tool that transforms complex ideas into simple and easy to understand images. The process of using words and images increases memory retention and promotes innovation and creative thinking. Since many people think in pictures, language used during workshops, conferences and meetings can be captured graphically, which makes information easy to refer back to throughout the event. The charts created alongside event participants are always digitally captured so that event’s impact persists long after.

charts professionally recorded: 


This skillset can be used in a few different situations: 

graphic recording by Minds Eye Creative

Graphic Recording

You know you need a graphic recorder when you have events with a ton of content and you need someone to help distill it down to it’s core message in a selfie-worthy image. These are life size and make great conversation pieces for event or conference attendees. Check out my portfolio for lots of visual examples.

Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation is the perfect fit when you have a group of people come together to discuss. The Graphic Facilitator listens intently to the conversations, pulling ideas, themes and visual metaphors from the conversation as it goes along in real time.

As the word facilitator suggests this can be a crucial role in getting the most out of your event. It’s very common for the Graphic Facilitator to be apart of the agenda process and can be a co-creator in the process.

We often work side by side with amazing facilitators. We can bring someone in from our team or we can collaborate with a facilitator of your choice. The facilitators role is to hold space and get the most impact out of the session. Some examples could be community engagement, team 'off-sites', strategic planning, leadership meetings and so much more. 

Graphic Facilitation can also be done virtually.


a photo of a woman next to a graphic recording on a wall
graphic recording by Minds Eye Creative

Digital/Virtual graphic recording

In these changing times of more events are being hosted online. We can join your meeting, session or event and draw in real time. We can share our screen so folks can engage with the information and watch it unfold. We can also graphic record any previously recorded video and/or audio files. Send them our way and we'll send you back a clean digital visual photo.

We can help you create a plan on the best use cases (like in your company marketing) for the visuals after your events to get even more out of them.

Some Virtual Events Digital Graphic Recorded:


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