In-Person Graphic Recording / Graphic Facilitation

Won’t you be distracting people from the speaker?

What do you consider a distraction? Most folks get distracted by their own thoughts, “hm, what’s for lunch, hope it’s pizza”. I tell clients it’s a good thing if participants are looking over to the graphic recording as it’s been drawn out during a talk. It’s helping them confirm what they heard, helping them stay focused on the content and solidify that information even deeper in their brain! Cool huh?

How I Work

So, this is your side gig right? What do you do for a real job?

My job? – Well, you’re looking at it. I think I have the best job. I get to travel or work at home in my PJs and create visuals for amazing clients I adore – and they pay me to do that because they understand the power of visuals.