Do you graphic recording this type of session?

A photo of a hand drawn graphic recording, live illustration or sketchnote

I often get asked what types of sessions or situations we graphic record. Here's a few of the more popular requests that we get.

Speaker Talks

threat landscaping graphic recording

Speaker talks at conferences is the most requested services that I receive. In March 2020 I quickly pivoted to digitally only graphic recording and from April - December 2020 I captured 400 speakers at over 30 virtual conferences. Speaker talks are often 20 - 60 minutes long and I draw out as the speaker talks. If the conference has the ability, I love to share my digital screen so that the audience can see the drawing unfold. Along with live illustrating I often work from pre-recorded talks, so that the event can share the drawings whenever they wish and event give people a sneak peak.

This graphic is from the Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit put on by SANS in early 2021.


graphic recording by Minds Eye Creative

One of the most common questions when talking to events is whether or not I capture panels. I absolutely love to capture conversations! They are so rich with wisdom and the way that people play off each other's ideas and opinions is always really fascinating. What better way to capture the richness of a unique conversation like a panel then with a graphic recording!

The graphic here was from an AIM institute event that happened in fall 2020.

Event summary

A photo of a hand drawn graphic recording, live illustration or sketchnote

One of the awesome things about graphic recording is that I can highlight the key messages that pour out of things like speaker talks and panels like mentioned above.

The organizers from AdieCon event that took place in February 2021 asked me to put together an event summary graphic that highlighted the wisdom from the overall event. I captured 12 speaker talks and workshops and picked out at least one key quote, concept or idea from them to highlight in the event summary.


graphic recording by Minds Eye Creative

Workshops are always really fascinating to capture. Sometimes they are very content heavy, while others provide activities for folks to do. I love the practical ones with lots of space for people to explore the concepts and ideas throughout the time. I find often we don't take the time to do different exercises and in workshops we allow ourselves the space and time to do the work that we may not carve out the time otherwise. Most of the workshops that I've digitally captured throughout the last year have been 1 - 2 hours long.

Here's a fun workshop that I captured during the Let's Sketch Tech event that happened in May 2020.


Business Brainstorming graphic recording by Minds Eye Creative

Brainstorming sessions are much like panels where often they are a collaboration of many voices in the mix. When the pandemic started in March 2020 I partnered with 2 colleagues of mine and put together some online business brainstorming sessions for businesses across the province. It was awesome to provide a platform and help out other businesses get creative on how they were going to move forward with their work into the year.

If you have an event, session, conference, workshop or more coming up feel free to contact us to see how we can help bring your information to life!

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