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"I had the absolute pleasure of working with Ashton during my inaugural Nonprofit Changemakers Virtual Summit. I cannot even begin to express how incredibly talented she is ...and her talent is matched by her commitment, reliability, and easy-going partnering style. Her graphic recordings of my summit's 25(!!!) sessions were a big hit- providing beautiful visual representations of each and every presentation for our attendees and our speakers to enjoy and share."

Amy DeVita
COO, Top NonProfits

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"When our consultant first told us about the option of a graphic recorder, we were hesitant. But she insisted, so we decided to give it a shot. Boy was she right. We were absolutely blown away by the work that Ashton did that day. She brought our conversations and ideas to life in a beautiful visual representation. It was so impressive the way she could just listen, and then our ideas were up on the paper. We are very happy that we decided to hire Ashton, and now can't even imagine the day without her part."

Jenny Jeffrey

Co-Founder & COO, OnSide Performance Centre

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Ashton did an incredible job during the 2021 SANS DFIR Summit! I was lucky enough to speak during this event and while I saw some drawings of hers prior to the event and thought they were awesome, I had no clue I'd be getting one drawn during my talk. As a result, I have this incredible drawing that outlines the talk that I gave! This is one of those things I'll show my children when they're old enough to appreciate it. I think Ashton is immensely talented and I look forward to seeing more of her work!

Andrew Rathbun
Senior Associate, Cyber Risk, Kroll

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Ashton is fantastic to work with. Her ability to synthesize complex conversations into visual art elevates communication to a whole new level. Because of her involvement in multiple conferences I organize, I now consider providing graphic recordings as an important aspect of accessibility similar to live captioning and well-designed [physical or virtual] venues. 

Paul Bruce
O11yFest, DevOpsDays Boston, DevSecOps Boston

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I have had the amazing opportunity to see Ashton in creative action a few times. The way she visually captures your session is incredible. Right before your eyes you can visualize your path, strategy or action plan. She has an incredible way of taking what is being talked about boiling it down to a strong visual that says exactly what you are looking to say without many words. The visuals are great for strategic plans, culture plans and strong daily reminders of the bigger picture. If you haven’t worked with Ashton, I would change that! The world needs less words and more strong creative visuals to pave the path for impact. 

Rose Dalrymple
VP of Operations & Sales, Hercules

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Ashton is the SUPERWOMAN of graphic recording artists! We have been hiring her for years for our internal conference series, and she shows up strong every single time. It doesn't matter how many speakers are on the program, she has the ability to so artfully capture technical talks without getting weary. She consistently delivers with speed, accuracy, and creative detail -and to add to that, she is just super sweet and pleasant to work with. If you're looking for a reliable graphic recording artist who does not disappoint, look no further. Hire Ashton or someone from her crew. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Sheanika Crawford
Events & Communications Manager, Verizon 

What Clients Have to Say…



"Ashton recently created a graphic recording of a session I led for a nonprofit conference. Her talent is phenomenal and her ability to capture the essence of a presentation extraordinary. She effectively creates a lasting memory of an experience that attendees can refer back to and instantly recall the most important moments. I highly recommend Ashton!"
- Gregory Nielsen President and CEO, Nielsen Training & Consulting

"I was absolutely blown away by Ashton's ability to capture my webinar in an image. She got all of the key points just by listening to me present! I can highly recommend her for anybody who wants to do the same...."
- Erica Waasdorp - President at 'A Direct Solution'

"As a fellow communications professional, I recognize a master when I see one. Ashton stands out because of her unique technique for getting a point across. She's particularly skilled at translating technical concepts into visual imagery. Ashton takes information that can be intimidating and transforms it into explanations that are understandable, memorable and even entertaining.
Besides being talented, I have also found Ashton to be enjoyable to work with. She has an easy nature and a positive energy. I'm looking forward to collaborating with her on many upcoming projects"

- Debi Davis - Communications Strategist





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