Top 5 Favourite doodles

Some people believe doodling is child’s play. Alternatively, doodling could imply that you aren’t paying attention. However, the reality is the value of doodles as an art form is frequently underrated. Doodles are an exciting means of expressing yourself through visual communication.  Additionally, science supports the importance of this art form. Contrary to popular belief, …

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My Favourite Sticky Note Hack

One thing I’m unapologetically passionate about (and glad my profession as a graphic recorder and live illustrator gives me excuses to buy) is office supplies. I’ve waxed possibly-too-enthusiastic about my favourite markers for graphic recording already, but another stationery item that I adore…is sticky notes. My goodness, I love sticky notes.  I have an ENTIRE …

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A photo of Ashton holding a sticky note with the title 'The best sticky note hack ever'
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