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Graphic Recording vs. Graphic Facilitation

People wonder what to call me. Are you an… Artist? Graphic designer? Illustrator? Graphic recorder? Facilitator? Drawer? Visual writer? Visual Practitioner? Sketchnoter? Sketch artist? Visual Note Taker? The list goes on. My definitions and preferences: Graphic Recorder – when I’m drawing large scale, in real time. This is where I see myself in a context …

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Showing the difference between a graphic facilitator, a graphic recorder and a visual note-taker

Why Pen and Paper

When we physically write we are incorporating our body into our work.  Our brains learn and retain best when we are physically moving. When we hear new information, our brain wants us to take action on that information somehow with our body. Writing out that information (even better, adding drawing as well) helps solidify that …

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Note takers are history makers
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