Case Study: Vision from Start to Finish

visual illustration strategy

Back in early 2022 I connected with a client, Gord from CAPSA, who wanted me to help him create a graphic recording style visual for a vision of his organization.  I first received this photo of what he wanted created into a graphic:

Scribbles that needed to be turned into a graphic recording

Once I saw the graphic, I knew I had to get on a call with him to help me understand a little bit more about what message the the ideas on this blackboard were trying to convey. We booked a chat. During this call I realized that it would take a little bit more then our initial call for me to really get a good grasp on this vision. I suggested that we book a longer meeting and use an online platform, Mural to help us dive more deeper and start to create

visual illustration strategy

During our call that lasted a little over an hour I got him to talk through his chalkboard picture. He even stood at the wall and pointed through the ideas as he spoke. I worked in Mural to create a sticky board wall where I could quickly and easily take my notes and be able to move them around. The last half of the call we took the notes and make sure they lived in the right place and moved them around as we needed to.

The final graphic recording from the original scribbles. Titled Strong Enough Now to Make the Change for CAPSA CANADA. In shades of Blue, green, yellow and orangeby Minds Eye Creative

I then took the information from the Mural board and went into the graphic illustration production phase! Here's what I created from our brainstorm! I made a few small adjustments and tweaks to help clarify a few things but it was pretty much ready to go! He was able to showcase this graphic at an upcoming meeting to help the folks in his organization understand the vision.

If you need help taking an idea, especially a messy and complex one and create more clarity around it. Feel free to reach out to chat about it and see how I can help!

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