Books Read in 2020

Book covers of books Ashton read in 2020

Considering I was isolated, like everyone in the world you would think that I would have read TONS this year. I can hear you laughing now. Though we were isolated that didn't necessarily mean that we were sitting around drinking lattes and curling up with a book. I read, or listen to audiobooks a ton when I'm travelling and with that out of the picture this year it didn't leave me with a lot of 'free time' to read. I spent way more time working on securing work this year that I had planned on but I'm actually grateful in how this year turned out, business wise, I'll make a separate post about this later.


  1. The Greatest Secret - Rhonda Byrne
  2. The Minimalist Home - Joshua Becker
  3. The Soul of Money - Lynne Twist
  4. Rehumanize your Business - Ethan Beute & Stephen Pacinelli
  5. Normal Sucks - Jonathan Mooney
  6. Think Do Say - Ron Tite
  7. Innercise - John Assaraf
  8. The Five Key Ways to Mindful Communication - Susan Gillis Chapman
  9. Take Control of your Life - Mel Robbins
  10. Super Attractor - Gabriel Bernstein
  11. The Grief Recovery Handbook - John W. James& Russell Friedman
Book covers of books Ashton read in 2020

At first glace I feel like I haven't read a whole lot but my numbers aren't that different from the last two years. If you want to see what I read in 2019 and 2018 check out those blog posts.

Looking through the books that I read I'm noticing a bit of a theme, and maybe I'll speak to other content that I consumed this year as well.


I guess I didn't realize this until I looked at this list that there are quite a few books on communication. I'm often reflecting on how to be a better communicator not just in my business but my life as a whole. I feel like I did more reflecting on communicating in general this year. I wonder by not being in person very much was a catalyst for this. Something to think about!

Self Development

This topic is always something that I read A LOT of books in every year. I think I started really watching and reading a lot of stuff in the self development space back around the time I had my second child in 2015. When I  listen to stuff (audiobooks) I tell myself that my goal is to leave with one idea that resonates with me. My philosophy is that not every idea or teaching from the book needs to be incorporated into your life. It's just too much and some of it just doesn't fit my life at this moment. I re-listen and re-read a lot of stuff as well and always hear things in a different way when I do. I re-listened to parts of many audiobooks this year as well.


There's only one book that I read in 2020 on minimalism but I consumed a ton of content on this subject this year. In the beginning of November I was sick with a head cold and not feeling myself and decided to re-watch the Minimalism documentary on Netflix. I've said for a few years now that I'm striving to become a minimalist but I decided to actually take that on knowing that you never truly arrive at something like this since it's a practice. I watched a bit of YouTube stuff on this topic and listened to a lot of podcasts as well. While I did that I stripped my house of a lot of non-essentials and made several trips to good will. I still feel like I'm reaping a lot of the benefits of the decluttering I did this fall and definitely plan to keep it up.

A lot of books that I read/listen to are from referrals. If you have a book that you would recommend to me based on what you see here, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email!

Happy Reading!

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