Books I read in 2018.

Books I read in 2018 sticky notes

So the title of this blog post is probably a little deceiving. That's because in 2018 I discovered audio books. It's not often that I have my hands-free and a whole lot of spare time so I really got obsessed with listening to audio books this year.

So most of these books I didn't actually technically "read" I still took them in and really enjoyed them.

I'm happy to share my list and recommendations for you to consider adding these to your audiobook list or actual reading list in 2019.

So, you might see a theme here, but let's get started.

Bookcase 1 - Get S$#& done books... In no particular order..

1. The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - This was a great book and I can summarize it by saying if you really want to succeed in your efforts put 10 times the amount into it.

2. Deepwork by Cal Newport - I really like the way that the author spoke about the purpose and inner workings of creating work that is meaningful.

3.Sprint by Jake Knapp - as and ideas person I get overwhelmed by all the ideas that I get in a given day week or month. this book is really good for breaking down some of those ideas to helping you think about if you want to move forward with it and how it may or may not be successful.

4. The 5 Second rule by Mel Robbins - after hearing about Mel's story I just think she's a cool lady. I really like her speaking style and how she is very relatable. I like the stories that you told about how she came up with the 5 second rule and the practice is behind it I don't incorporated this a little bit into my life and work but I could see incorporating them more would be even more beneficial.

Bookcase 2 - The inner work books

5. The Subtle Art of not giving a F&@# by Mark Manson - even though the title of this book might be off-putting to some people I would really recommend it. As someone who is a people-pleaser and cares a lot about what other people think this was really helpful in helping think about aligning where I spend my time and who I spend it with.

6. I hope I screw this up by Kyle Cease - I am just a huge fan of Kyle and would highly recommend this book in any of his other videos or programs. I really like how he connects your thoughts with how you make decisions with how your body feels and that's something that I've really incorporated into this last year.

7. Creative confidence by Tom Kelley - I really enjoyed the interesting take on creativity that the authors brought forward. I'd really like to learn a little bit more about their business next year.

8. Girl wash your face - Rachel Hollis - this definitely wasn't my favorite book that I read this year I wasn't even sure if I was going to make it the whole way through. I would say for newbie entrepreneurs starting out this would be a good one but someone has been in it for a little while there was a lot of information in there that I already knew or had thought about. there are a lot of religious undertones about it as well which isn't really my jam but might be for somebody else.

Bookcase 3 - money money money books

9.. Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas - I followed Denise over last number of years and for some reason had an up until this year picked up and took the opportunity to listen to this book. this is one of my favorite books of 2018 for sure and I recommend it to a lots of people.

10. You're a badass at making money by Jen Sinero- I really enjoyed this book and listen to it a few times actually I listen to this one before Denise's one and there are a lot of similarities but I like both of their takes on the similar thought process around money.

11. Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanley - this is a really intense book and anybody who's thinking about changing their thought patterns about money this is a very important one to read. Now there is a ton of exercises in this and I told myself that I would read the whole thing through first and then go back and second time and do the exercises. I did read it through once but I haven't had an opportunity yet to go back a second time but that's definitely on my top priority list over the next two months.

Now here's a list of books I started by didn't finish that I would recommend (I won't include the ones that I didn't enjoy)

1. Crushing it by Gary v.

2. The big leap by Gay Hendricks

3. Mindset by Carol Dweck

4. You are a badass by Jen sincero

5. Will it fly by Pat Flynn

6. Dare to lead by Brene Brown (currently reading)

If you have any recommendations of books that I should read in 2019 I really love to hear them!

before the end of the year I will also be posting a short blog post about podcast that I enjoyed in 2018.

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