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Our graphics bring people together and help them get on the same page. We aim to strengthen connections, whether it’s between team members, between a presenter and their audience, or between you and the topic you’re sketchnoting yourself.


Adding dynamic images to a learning environment opens doors for neurodiverse and visual learners to access and absorb information. We support and help people with differing abilities to access our content through alt text descriptions and recorded audio description tracks.


Helping you communicate your important ideas and messages is the foundation on which our business is built.

Outside Perspective

We interpret your information through the lens of an outside perspective and mirror it back to you, making new associations and highlighting points that you may not originally have paid attention to.

The Dream Team

Ashton Rodenhiser

Founder and Chief Graphic Recorder

Ashton is a creative ideas person who is always taking her passions to the next level. She loves watching people have a-ha moments and reflecting their own wisdom back to them through her work.

Ashton has a background in facilitation, and community development, all of which inform her work as a graphic recorder and facilitator.

She lives in a farmhouse in rural Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband, 3 kids, and an adorable puppy named Timber. She grows her own tomatoes and makes an amazing tomato soup.

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Karen headshot

Karen Peterson

Business Manager

Karen is a lover of organization, big ideas and pretty things, which makes her a perfect fit for Mind's Eye Creative. She gets to use unlimited sticky notes, play with graphics to her heart’s content, and find creative ways to market, build and innovate while helping steer the business ship.

She lives in a farmhouse on a lake with her 3 boys where she can be found growing her flower and veggie gardens and dreaming of someday owning bunnies and chickens.

Bernice Williams 


Bernice is a facilitation and relationship building powerhouse. Her passion is creating amazing opportunities for people to build unique connections.

Bernice has a canny ability to sense a person’s zone of genius and help them find the confidence to embrace it. She believes that magic can happen when people work together with a common goal.

She has an amazing clock collection which sounds like a heartbeat in her living room.

A photo of Bernice at a laptop

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