About our Live Illustration work

Our Values


Adding dynamic images to a learning environment opens doors for neurodiverse and visual learners to access and absorb information. We support and help people with differing abilities to access your content. 

How do we express this?

We provide audio descriptions and alt text for each graphic that we create and provide them to you after your event. See here an example of what this looks like:


Our graphics bring people together and help them get on the same page. We aim to strengthen connections, whether it’s between team members, between a presenter and their audience, or between you and the topic you’re sketchnoting yourself.

How do we express this?

Prior to your session or event we have a discussion with you to make sure that we can do everything possible to help people engage with each other and the information they are interacting with.  We are committed to your success and open and flexible to ideas.

live illustration connection in the room hybrid

Long Lasting Impact

We believe our graphic illustrations have a huge impact during your meeting but there's just as much impact to be made after your event. Graphics can increase memory retention and action!

How do we express this?

When you become a client of Mind's Eye Creative we provide you a document with suggestions on how to use your graphics after your event/session is over. These ideas come from previous clients! Here's a video I made highlighting this suggestions too!


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