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Helping you communicate your important ideas and message. Building connections with one another


Statistically, the majority of folks are visual learners. Building connections through images is a powerful tool.


Holding space for connection for each other. Making connections in our brains to deepen learning.

Outside Perspective

It's often difficult to look outside your own viewpoint. We bring an outsiders view to challenge you, questions and bring to life your brilliance.


Infusing passion with whatever she does, Ashton creates impact with her clients and community

Build Relationships

Ashton believes in the amazing power of relationship building to help create meaningful connections with information and each other.


She believes that creativity is a powerful tool to connect with one another, create vibrant work places and communities.

End up

The Dream Team

Ashton Rodenhiser

Founder and Chief Graphic Recorder

Ashton is an ideas person. She obsessed with taking her passions to the next level- hence how Mind's Eye Creative was created. She loves watching people have a-ha moments.

She lives with her husband and their three children in an old farmhouse in rural Nova Scotia, Canada. She also grows her own tomatoes and makes an amazing homemade tomato soup.

graphic recording by Minds Eye Creative
Minds Eye Creative

Karen Peterson

Business Manager

Karen is a lover of organization, big ideas and pretty things. It only made sense to work for Mind's Eye Creative where she gets to use unlimited sticky notes, customize her many  boards and find creative ways to market, build and innovate while helping steer the business ship.

She lives in a farmhouse on a lake with her 3 boys where she can be found growing her flower and veggie gardens and dreaming of someday owning bunnies and chickens.

Bernice Williams 


Bernice is a facilitation and relationship building powerhouse. You’ll typically find her creating amazing opportunities for people to build unique connections. Bernice is someone well respected in her local community for bridging relationship gaps and bringing out people’s strengths and talents.

She has an amazing clock collection and finds the ticking very soothing.

Minds Eye Creative


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