10 Memorable talks from 2022

2022 was a busy year of graphic recording and live illustration. I was so grateful to bring so many conversations and presentation to life (over 600 of them!) and I wanted to share 10 that were memorable. It's so difficult to pick out "favorites" but these ones were memorable for me so I wanted to share them  with you! Here are my 10, in no particular order!

1 - The Early Days of Unix at Bell Labs by Brian Kernighan at LinuxAU Conf

01_LinuxConf_Brian Kernighan

This presentation was one of the first ones that I graphic recorded in January 2022! Because the event was based in Australia I even had to wake up at 3:00am to draw this one out! I'm not a techie but I thought Brian's story and how he was there in the early days was really fascinating!

2 - Making Tech Careers Accessible for Everyone by Brittany Joiner at CascadiaJS

graphic recorder sketchnote live illutration

I've captured a few of the CascadiaJS events over the last few years and it's always a great event. I really liked this topic and love how this graphic turned out. I think there are lots of gems in here not just for tech careers but for all careers!

3 - Use Your Voice by Lillian Teng at the SANS CTI Summit

Graphic recording or live illustration from the Sans virtual event

This presentation by Lillian Teng was one of my favorites out of the whole year. I even printed this one and have it framed and hanging in my office. I thought they way she spoke about DEI&B, bias, trust and leaderships was very accessible and she was a great presenter.

devops doodle drawing graphic illustration sketchnote

The most memorable talks for me is when someone takes a unique storytelling lens. I like how the speaker, Malcolm Preston, talked through how trying to be a hero in your job can lead to burnout.

5 - How Accessibility affected every aspect of life by Ahmet Ustunel at the Knowability Conference

graphic recording graphic illustration sketchnote

The speaker, Ahmet Ustunel, was a very fascinating person to listen to. He talked about his life and about being blind since he's been three years old. He kayaked solo from Asia to Europe and used technology to help him on his journey.

6 - AKOR Expedition at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conference

FCM graphic recording sketchnote

Nicolas Roulx and Guillame Moreau travelled from the most northern part of Canada to the most south. They did so using bicycles, canoes and skiis. It was a really fascinating presentation to listen to them talk about their journey. Below you'll see the same graphic but translated into French.


7 - Disability Justice by Julie Nowak at the Chicago Food Justice Summit

graphic recording chicacgo food justice summit

One thing I absolutely love about being a graphic recorder is that I get to listen and learn about really diverse topis. This one really stuck out for me this year because I had the honor of capturing a topic that, in my opinion, everyone should listen to. I've really been mindful about identity first vs. person first language since listening to this presentation.

8 - Fireside chat with Michelle Romanow at the Atlantic Technology Summit

07_AtlanticTech_Michelle Romanow

You might know Michelle Romanow from Dragon's Den. She's a serial entreprenur and really interesting woman to listen to! I loved her idea that she brings to her staff: The campaign against dumb rules - where the staff is encouraged to bring to her dumb rules that they have made and get rid of them. This was the first job that I actually digitally graphic illustrated in person (instead of using maker and paper in person) It was fun, and I'd love to do more like this!

9 - Panel Discussion at the Women of Salmon Fishing Symposium

atlantic fish farmers graphic recording

In October 2022 I was invited to live graphic record in St. Andrew's New Brunswick at the Women in Salmon Fishing Symposium. There was a very interesting panel discussion on the topic of women in the industry. The event was held at an aquarium and I got to see the sweet seal that lives there on my lunch break!

10 - Keynote: Bryanne Leeming #SLA2022NS

01_Bryanne Leeming

This keynote presentation at a Tech-Ed conference by Bryanne Leeming was really interesting. She spoke about how she created her product: Unruly Splats and how it's integrated into the classrooms. It was one of the new in-person jobs I graphic recorded this year.

If you are looking for graphic recording / live illustration services in 2023 please reach out! I'm already getting pretty booked up for the year so if you want to work with me I'd highly recommend reaching out early! I can't wait to hear more about you and your event!

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