10 Memorable talks from 2021

A graphic recording titled FireSide Chat with Adam Grant for the Life Hikes event. In shades of red, orange and yellow.

2021 was a busy year of graphic recording and live illustration. I was so grateful to bring so many conversations and presentation to life (all 711 of them!) and I wanted to share 10 that were memorable. It's so difficult to pick out "favorites" but these ones were memorable for me so I wanted to share them  with you! Here are my 10, in no particular order!

1 - Robert Erdmann Keynote at PyCon

01_PyConf_Robert Erdmann

This presentation was absolutely incredible. This was about the behind the scenes photography, and ALL the tech that goes behind it, to taking photos by the most powerful camera in the world of the famous painting "The Night Watch". You can watch this presentation here too. It's totally worth it.

2 - Hacker Rights by Keenan Skelly at Cyber Jutsu Con

05_CyberJutsuCon_Keenan Skelly

Cyber Security is something I have learned a ton about in the last year in particular. I really enjoyed this presentation about hacking. It really opened my eyes about the complexities and potential legal issues you can get yourself in as an ethical hacker.

3 - mRNA as Medicine by Melissa Moore at RNA Therapeutics Conference

06_RNA_Melissa Moore

It was absolutely amazing to listen to this presentation about the Modern vaccine by Melissa Moore and learn more about how it came to be and all the incredibly brilliant people behind it!

4 - Keynote by Vu Le at The Top Non Profits Changemakers Conf

03_Changemakers_Vu Le

I love it when a presenter makes me laugh and Vu definitely made me laugh! From working in the non-profit world before I really resonated with some of the things the said. I hope you can take a look through this graphic and pull out the bits of humor!

5 - Black Girls Code by Kimberly Bryant at NS1 INS1GHTS

01_NS1 INS1GHTS_Black Girls Code Keynote

I loved hearing Kimberly's story of Black Girls Code and her mission behind it. They do incredible work and if you are looking for a charity to donate to I would highly suggest Black Girls Code.

6 - A Fireside Chat with Adam Grant at LifeHikes event

A graphic recording titled FireSide Chat with Adam Grant for the Life Hikes event. In shades of red, orange and yellow.

I was quite nervous about drawing out this presentation since I'm a fan of Adam Grant's work and love his Ted Talks in particular. Check out this one that has over 19 million views. He shared such a unique perspective as always and I suggest taking a good look at this graphic to pull out some of his wisdom that he shared.

7 - A River Runs Through it by Stef Rand at the Blue Team Summit hosted by SANS

A graphic recording titled A river Runs Through It -What White Water Rafter Taught me About Incident Response. For the BlueTeam Summit. Talk by Stef Rand

This talk by Stef Rand was really interesting to me because I had never heard a presentation that used white water rafting as the anchor to their message. She related her experience to incident response and I just though the whole concept was brilliant. I had never drawn this type of presentation before!

8 - Balancing Security & Change Panel at the Atlantic Technology Summit

A graphic recording titled Balancing Security & Change for the Atlantic Tech Summit . Talk by Matthew Owens, Hannah Griller, Shary Mudassir. In shades of Blue, and orange.

I think this one I might be a little biased about because this one was close to home. I do so much in the security security space and I loved that I had the opportunity to work with a local even even though it was virtual. It was interesting to follow this discussion about issues that related to where I live as well as global.

9 - Neurodivergent Women in Cyber Security by Kassandra Pierre and Nathan Chung at the Day of SHEcurity

A graphic recording for SHEcurity. Talk by Kassandra Pierre and Nathan Chung. Titled Neurodivergent Women in Cyber Security, The Competitive Advantage. In shades of purples and pinks.

This presentation hosted by Kassandra and Nathan I thought was really great. They expressed some basics about neurodiversity then provided some really practical examples of what to ask when in interviews and suggestions for employers too. There's a ton of gems in this one.

10 - Live Taping of the @FSCKD Podcast at DevOpsDays Texas

A graphic recording titled @FSCKDPOD Fire Starter Chat. For DevOpsDaysTexas. Talk by Kat Cosgrove & Austin Parker & Jay Gordon

This conversation was so fun to record because it was so real in capturing how conversations flow without knowing where they are going to end up. I think I'm biased mostly for this one because I had the opportunity to draw the popular meme at the beginning of the year of Bernie Sanders with his mittens! Ha!

If you are looking for graphic recording / live illustration services in 2022 please reach out! I'm already getting pretty booked up for the year so if you want to work with me I'd highly recommend reaching out early! I can't wait to hear more about you and your event!

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