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What Clients are Saying...


Chris Black

Business Owner

"I value the incredibly artful and expressive way in which you transformed our thoughts into visions. This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for and it reinforces my belief that ideas captured this way have their own power and energy that continues to resonate long after you have put the pen away."


Annie Hedgepeth

Event Organizer

"I am amazed at Ashton’s ability to illustrate understanding of deep concepts by gathering context from the speaker on the fly. She intently listens and formulates images that resonate with the audience. She truly has a gift, and I’m amazed by her! Her illustrations were the hit of our conference, and the digital images produced from those same paper drawings exceeded my expectations in quality. I can’t recommend her highly enough."


Wendy Eligh

Event Organizer

"This past year was our first time using a graphic recorder for some of our educational sessions at our national conference. Ashton provided the creative approach we needed, taking the session content and making it visual and appealing. Our participants were impressed and shared their experience on Twitter with posters she created. Working with Ashton was truly enjoyable and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with her again!"

My graphic recording toolkit

By webadmin | February 27, 2020

The MARKERS! Having quality tools is a bonus but not a necessity when doing graphic recording. This outline will be a peek into my kit! At events, the marker lovers visit me and ask me what I use and share them this information. I could talk about markers all day long! When I started out …

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Why Templates are Awesome and How to Use Them

By webadmin | January 15, 2020

A question I get a lot, especially during my Graphic Recording 101 workshop is when and how to use a template. A template helps organize information in a visual way. First off I want to quickly address something. In my opinion, a mind map is a template. Sometimes when I tell people what I do …

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