Bring your message to life!

Engaging visual communication for you, your audience, and your teammates.

Bring your message to life!

We create hand-drawn graphics and text to make complex ideas simple and easy to understand.


Graphic Recording

Give events, conferences, and presentations a WOW factor with beautiful, dynamic graphic interpretations of your speakers’ messages.

Also known as live illustration, scribing, or visual communication, graphic recording keeps spoken material alive more effectively than those notes your audience scribbles down and then keeps meaning to review—and ultimately loses (No judgement! Been there!).

Graphic Facilitation

Never have another forgettable strategy session! Distill ideas, themes, and visual metaphors from a group meeting in real time using graphic facilitation.

A fun way to increase team participation and ensure that all voices are heard. Your team ends up with a living document that provides accountability as you move forward.



Learn to make notetaking fun and memorable! Sketchnote All the Things contains ten powerful modules that teach YOU the fundamentals of visual notetaking.

Packed with videos, guides, workbooks, and cheat sheets, Sketchnote All the Things shares our proven method for taking notes with pizzazz!

Sketchnote 101 guide

Do you think visually but struggle with traditional, boring note taking? Sketchnoting is a powerful skill to take meaningful notes and have fun at the same time!  This Sketchnote 101 Guide is an introduction to my philosophy on visual noting. Don't know how to draw? Even better! You don't have to be an 'artist' to draw your notes!

This FREE guide will help you get started on your visual communication journey!

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Accessibility Promise:

What are you willing to do to make sure your audience is engaged and learning?

When you hire Mind’s Eye Creative, we bring a multi-layered approach to accessibility with us.


Alt text:

Optimized alt text contributes to a positive internet experience for people of all abilities and has become best practice for online visual content. Each of our finished images comes with custom alt text included so you never have to worry about what to write—just copy and paste!

Audio descriptions:

Your finished image also includes a pre-recorded audio summary for you to use. Key visual points are described via speech so that people who are visually impaired can understand the contents of the graphic.

Accommodating Multiple Learning Styles:

A visual communication method like live illustration combined with a spoken word presentation expands the ways people can relate to the material. Not everyone absorbs information effectively by listening, and a graphic recorder can support visual learners who might otherwise struggle to pay attention and absorb the material.

Championing Neurodiversity:

Dynamic visual interpretation opens doors for neurodiverse people to engage with your subject.

Embracing Inclusivity:

Representation matters. Graphics include people of different races, shapes, sizes, gender presentations, and physical abilities so that everyone feels included.

Who we are

Founded in 2014 by Ashton Rodeniser, Mind’s Eye Creative has used sketchnoting and live illustration to capture over 1600 speakers at over 150 virtual and in-person sessions. We’re passionate about visually interpreting information to create fun and accessible graphics.

Ashton’s superpower is listening to new information and immediately being able to translate it into a visual language that’s easy to understand and keeps spoken material alive longer. Her visual vocabulary is second to none and can easily translate even the most complex ideas. Her team is dedicated to supporting people who care about learning and accessibility of information.

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