Visual Note-Taking 


Want to avoid that dreaded during (and post) meeting eye glaze?
Want to help your team processes information more effectively?
Want to boost engagement and excitement within your team?
Want to have a kick-butt and personalized for you visual map so you know exactly where to jump in and be more creative, efficient and effective? What if your team saw complex information clearly and understood exactly what they need to do at the end of a meeting?
What if you had a tool where you reach your goals, objectives and complete tasks - faster and with ease?

Sounds good right?

Picture this:

You are hosting a meeting (wherever in the world) I am ‘skyped’ in where I listen in to the conversation in real-time and use my listening, thinking and drawing skills to synthesis the information to create a visual map of the meeting. This visual recording is now your map of actionable, easy to understand steps to go and do the work discussed in the meeting. Since everyone is sharing the same visual map everyone is on the same page in knowing what to do before the next meeting. Another option is for you to record the audio of the meeting, email it to me to listen to and I create the visual and email it to you. 

So Why is Visual Note-Taking so effective?

No more post-meeting eye glaze

Gain clarity

80% of people are visual learners

Focus on the Big Picture

Dynamic team meeting

everyone on the same page

Understand complex information

Reduce Meeting Time

Make Decisions Quicker

A few samples:

Let's Do This! Starting at $75 (US) or $97 (CAN) for up to 1 hour meeting