Graphic Recording 101

An interactive, fun workshop on how to use visual language to have effective and engaging meetings and work places.  This workshop is an introduction on how you can use simple images and colour to make it easier to build clarity, focus, insight, action and results!

In this 7 hour workshop you will:

What is graphic recording, graphic facilitation and sketchnoting
The 8 essential drawing elements – practice drawing large!
Learning the balance between listening and capturing content
Putting it all together
Building your visual vocabulary

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

Toronto, ON
Monday November 5, 2018
9:00 – 4:00pm
CSI – 192 Spadina Ave. Toronto
Early Bird – $295 (with marker kit) up to October 19, 2019
Regular – $350

Register through Eventbrite here. 

Moncton, NB
Date: TBA- Fall 2018

Halifax, NS
Date: TBA – Fall 2018

Bridgewater, NS
Date: TBA – Fall 2018

*All Workshops include all supplies, materials and snacks.

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What people have said about this workshop: 

“Ashton’s non-invasive/non-demanding teaching style allows for a relaxed and highly effective learning environment. The visual recording/facilitating skills she taught me have greatly influenced my work, both at the library and deeply embedded its self into my coaching and consulting work in ways that have greatly added to my ability to convey information and has increased the prestige with which I am perceived. Thank you so much, Ashton!” – Chris W. 

To be honest, I was skeptical that Ashton would be able to instill enough confidence in me that I could draw in public by end of day. Not only did I draw in public, but I felt comfortable doing it and actually had a lot of fun! Ashton was warm and welcoming to all participants and really set a positive tone for the day – encouraging us to ask questions, creating a sense of community and sharing her knowledge and experiences. Ashton’s experience in both facilitation and art provide her with the unique ability to read a room and capture the moments almost effortlessly. I’m finding myself drawing banners and arrows around everything! 😉 – Tara J. 

Visual Meetings: Introduction to Visual Facilitation

Combat the glassy eyed, post meeting look and use visual language to help turn confusion, apathy and wasted time into inspired productivity – that adds to your passion, value and mission.Learn how to use visual language to create simple specialized visual maps and meeting notes to help your board or team  remember, understand and internalize goals and tasks.
In this 3 hour workshop you will:

Learn how using visuals can increase memory retention
How and when to use visual facilitation
The 8 essential drawing elements – practice drawing large!
Balance between listening, thinking and drawing – Synthesizing information
Practice your new skills using real-time conversations!

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Become a Whiteboard Animation Champion!

Information coming soon!

Integrating Visual Note Taking in the Classroom! For Educators

New in 2018.
This full day workshop for Educators in the South Shore area is for teachers and supports looking and assisting students on integrating visual note taking in their education. This style of note taking aids in students holistic thinking and more natural connections in how students think and learn. This workshop will focus on simple drawing elements when it comes to supporting curriculum and outcomes with a focus on IDEAS over art.
Ask your HR committee at SSRSB for assistance in this program.

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

Bridgewater, NS
Date: December 7, 2018 – 9:00am – 4:00pm
Location: Bridgewater, NS
Cost: $250

Includes all supplies, materials and snacks.