Speaker Audits

Speaker Audits

Are you presenting a keynote speech a talk or going to be in front of a group of people talking into a microphone with slides behind you?

Well, this ‘Speaker Audit’ is for you!

  • Want to make sure you are getting your message across clearly?
  • Do you need someone to hear your talk and review your slides as an unbiased 3rd party listener?
  • Someone who’s going to tell it to you straight? No sugar coating!

Over the last few years I’ve listened to hundreds of talks. As a strategic communicator that specializes in visuals I’m currently accepting new clients for my Speaker Audits in 2019.

What a Speaker Audit includes: 

  • I’ll listen to a full run-through of your talk/presentation and provide tips and suggestions about where to emphasis certain ideas, add in some pizzazz and hooks to really take your listeners on a journey.
  • A full review of your presentation deck/slides and provide feedback on your flow, visual and simplifying language.

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