Graphic Recording 

I use graphic recording as a visual tool to transforms complex ideas into simple and easy to understand images. The process of using words and images increases memory retention and promotes innovation and creative thinking. Since many people think in pictures, language used during workshops, conferences and meetings can be captured graphically, which makes information easy to refer back to throughout the event. The infomurals I create alongside event participants are always digitally captured so that event's impact persists long after. 

I typically created infomurals in real-time on a large scale of 4 x 8 feet per mural. 

Graphic Recording can be described as a method where I act as a silent partner during an event to capture and reflect content and ideas. This method can be applied to some of the following situations: 

 Capturing Keynote speakers at a conference
 Recording a meeting or AGM
 Scribing at a workshop or training
 And more

visual language final

Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation takes visual learning and engagement to the next level. Working alongside another facilitation or on my own I use visuals to create a more hands-on approach to visuals. This method allows participants to engage with the visual representation of their ideas. Graphic Facilitation can be found assisting in some of the following situations

 World cafe
 Workshops with small or large group discussion
 Conference break out sessions
 Strategic planning sessions
 And more!