Drawing Out DevOps

Visual Note Taking for DevOps and Software Teams

Ok, I’m FREAKING excited that you are here. Seriously.

After speaking to people at various DevOps events I kept hearing the same thing over and over again,

“It would be SO awesome to have someone like you during our meetings to visualize what was going on. It would be so helpful for the team, etc.etc etc”

Now, it’s not feasible for most teams to hire a graphic recorder to attend a meeting here and there (travel blah blah blah) so I’m thrilled to be offering this service exclusive to DevOps and related software teams (because y’all awesome).

Below I break down why this opportunity is rad, what you need and how I do it.

What you’ve likely seen me do at an event is capture the speakers presentation, large scale with paper and markers. I’m synthesizing what I hear and create a visual summary of the talk. This is what I call Graphic Recording.

Visual Note Taking is in a digital format. All the same processes of what I do when graphic recording is used to create visual notes for meetings. Offering this service remotely takes away many barrier to having me physically come in house and makes it more cost effective for the company. You get all the same benefits of graphic recording with the bonus of having your own words, vision, passion and ideas from the meeting represented with visuals.

So… meetings can be a little *cough*boring*cough*. Besides the creative, enjoyable aspect of capturing the notes in a visual way there are huge benefits on how teams can progress their work for the next meeting, everyone knows exactly what’s going on because they can SEE it. Also everyone is looking at the same synthesis of the meeting and not deciphering scribbled notes or in individual typed word document. Having the notes created visually allows for immediate conversation so that everyone know what’s going on.

Examples: Someone may see the note and say ‘Hey, that’s not exactly what I mean, what I was trying to say was…xyz’ or ‘what do we need to make a decision on- oh I see it’s right there we need to take action on…xyz’.

  • Arrange and schedule the time of your meeting with me
  • I video call into your meeting either your team is all in person or the whole team is remote.
  • I listen to the conversation as it unfolds
  • I share my computer screen with the team so they can see what I’m drawing on my screen while the meeting progresses
  • At the end of the meeting I send out the digital visual note to the team!
  • Internet Connection
  • Video conferencing software (Zoom preferably)
  • Audio support (microphone to pick up voices)
  • Be willing for only one person to speak at once during a meeting 🙂

Visual Learners

80% of people are visual learners so it will speak to the majority of the room.

Remember More

When information and language is paired with visuals the people at the meeting are likely to remember up to 45% more information on what was discussed!

Make Decisions

64% increase in immediate decision making since you can SEE what you have discussed and what you need to decide on for your next steps.


Image and narration increases transfer of application by 89%. Basically that means people are way more likely to implement the information from the meeting with these visual notes.

Shorter Meetings

Using visual language can reduce meeting time by up to 24% (because everyone can see the bigger picture)

For Free!

Why don’t you see for yourself? Fill out the form and get a meeting visually recorded for free. I think you’ll see for yourself how fun and impactful it will be for your team.

A limited number of free offerings will be available and meetings must take place between November 26 and December 18, 2018.

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!