Clients  Here’s what people have to say about me!


I am amazed at Ashton’s ability to illustrate understanding of deep concepts by gathering context from the speaker on the fly. She intently listens and formulates images that resonate with the audience. She truly has a gift, and I’m amazed by her! Her illustrations were the hit of our conference, and the digital images produced from those same paper drawings exceeded my expectations in quality. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


“Your VERY hard work, and awesome pictures, blew them away! You really nailed how I wanted the idea to be expressed! Experiencing this visual format impressed on people the value of your talents! There is power in the images you create; and I am very blessed to have found you, and the talents you bring to the world. Amazing!”

Laura M.

Absolutely Amazing work Ashton!!! You certainly exceeded my expectations, hard to put in words. You certainly have a real unique talent. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to work with you!

Philip S.

I was impressed with the attention to detail in the planning , pre event , during event and post event. I watched the set up and everything mattered, where the chairs were placed, who sat where, the sequence and flow of entry all towards aiding freedom of thought and opinion. It worked! It was clear they had actively imagined and planned around impediments to collaboration within our own environment – customized!. I was most impressed however with the consultation and council they provided in tailoring communication before, during and after the event to speak a common theme. I highly recommend.

Isaiah O.

“Your work is an inspiring alternative to the traditional, top-down methods of recording. It’s fun to watch you transcribing living ideas in a lovely graphic representation with connections and approach-ability.

Chris Andrews

Client List

High Liner Foods Lunenburg                     Community Sector Council NS                    DevOpsDays                          Now Lunenburg County

Youth Art Connection                                    Rural Arts & Life Tour                                    Flourish Well Being Society                          Podcamp Halifax

Housing Nova Scotia                                    Department of Community Services                       Better Together Family Resource Centre

POW Hearing Solutions                        Kinship Project                                 Hinchinbrook Farm Society                         Skysail Brand

Town of Bridgewater                              Eurocentres Atlantic Canada                                   Bridgewater Development Association

Mug & Anchor                             C03                               Harbour House                                     Windhorse Farm