About Ashton Rodenhiser

Creativity has come naturally to me since a young child. Unfortunately when I  was nine years old my school teacher reprimanded me for using a paintbrush "incorrectly" *gasp*. It wasn't until 10 years later while I was in college completing my Early Childhood Education diploma that I gained the confidence to pick up where I left off. I went on to create and sell original paintings and dabble in a variety of artistic mediums including felting, pastels and more. 

I began my facilitation journey by hosting family programs and workshops at the Dartmouth Family Centre in 2007. My love for creativity and facilitation introduced me into the world of graphic recording and visual communication. And well, the rest is history (so they say).

I  believe that creativity is a powerful tool that can be used to facilitate learning and  cultivate good work. I draw on my creativity and graphic skills to capture and present ideas that flow out of workshops, meetings, seminars, conferences and more. 

10 Things About Ashton

Raises ducks
Lives in an old farmhouse
Knows conversational ASL
Volunteered in Kenya twice
Plays multiple stringed instruments
Married to my high school sweetheart
Founded the Afterglow Art Festival in 2012
Has two children: a daughter, Fern & son, Aseph
Started a non-profit organization, Art Happening Bridgewater
Grows organic tomatoes and makes a wicked homemade tomato soup