About Ashton


Infusing passion with whatever she does, Ashton creates impact with her clients and community

Build Relationships

Ashton believes in the amazing power of relationship building to help create meaningful connections with information and each other.


She believes that creativity is a powerful tool to connect with one another, create vibrant work places and communities.

Ashton Rodenhiser

Creativity has come naturally to Ashton since a young child. You’d commonly find her in a corner knitting or participating in an outdoor paint event. She went on to create and sell original paintings and dabble in a variety of artistic mediums including felting, pastels and more.

She began her facilitation journey by hosting programs and workshops at a non-profit family centre. Her love for creativity and facilitation introduced her into the world of graphic recording and visual communication. And well, so they say, the rest is history.

Ashton believes that listening, thinking, synthesis and creativity are powerful tools that can be used to facilitate deep learning and meaningful connections. She draws (pun intended) on her creativity and facilitation skills to capture and present ideas that flow out of workshops, meetings, seminars, conferences and more.

She lives with her husband (high school sweethear) and their three children in an old farmhouse in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, yet you’ll find her and her markers in every corner of the world.


Graphic Recording 95%
Graphic Facilitation 90%
Visual Videos 89%
Facilitation 95%
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