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Visual Note Taking Course is designed for teachers to learn the techniques of visual note-taking and experience the benefits from it.

I’m Ashton, a Visual Learning Strategist!


I’m a doodler at heart! I am a passionate believer that visuals can transform the way we learn and retain information. Some folks call me an artist, but I’m usually quick to correct them. The special thing about what I do and how I do it is that I believe anyone of any age can do what I do!

As a child I experienced my own creativity being squashed my educators in my life and didn’t rekindle my creative spirit until I was in college training to be an Early Childhood Educator. Since then I have facilitated over 100 programs and workshops with parents, children of a variety of topics.

I now dedicate my life’s purpose to teaching people to utilize simple drawings techniques to make doodling purposeful in meetings, classrooms and more. I also work with non-profits, corporate and government clients through graphic recording to make their content less complex and have long-term impact.

This course if perfect for teachers who want student to thrive:


Encourage Writing

With more Technology being, children are loosing writing skills


Retain More

Skills help children retain more information that deepens learning



With a quick glance you can see visually what the child has heard and understood

This 6 week course gives teachers the knowledge and skills to teach and support children to start and continue their visual note-taking journey.


Week One: Introduction

What is sketchnotes
What are the benefits
Who’s visual language for?


Week Two: How to Draw Part One


Bonus: Visual Vocabulary for each


Week Three: How to Draw Part Two

Shadows & Shading
Plus White Space

Bonus: Visual Vocabulary for each


Week 4: Tools & Materials

Handy Tools
What to use & How to use it

Bonus: Tips for Success


Week 5: Putting it All Together

How to combine drawing and listening skills
Listen – Think – Organize/Synthesis – Draw


Week 6: Future Success

Practice Exercises
Supporting Students

Bonus: Private Facebook Group for all Course Students to ask questions and get help and feedback!

At the end of the courses students will:

 Feel confident in their new drawing techniques

  Know how to Listen and capture synethsis information

 Have a clear understanding of benefits of visual note taking

 Have skills to utilize information to teach others (their students or friends)


How does the affiliate system work?

Once registered, you will be given access to your own unique link to share the program for your followers/supporters. I will also provide you with tools and marketing materials to help you promote the Visual Note-Taking Course.  I want to make this process as easy as possible for you to succeed.

When one of your peeps uses your link to register for the program, the sale will automatically be registered in your account where you can access to monitor your sales and payments.

What’s in it for me?

The Visual Note-Taking Course costs $147 US. For every referral that signs up via your link, you will receive $50 US (34%).  Your payments will be paid via paypal after 30 days (after the 30 day money back guarantee).

How do I inform my followers of this service?

Once you sign up for the affiliate program you will receive a welcome pack containing information that you can share with your followers including pre-written e-mail invites which you can personalize and send to your email list and social media templates to share on your social media channels.

*Special* I will offer a one hour free webinar to your e-mail list. Date and time will be discussed, limited spots available.

When can students sign up?

Students can sign up between November 9, 2016 and January 4, 2017.  Next round of group class won’t start until Spring 2017 (where the price of the course will go up).

The next group course round starts: January 5, 2017

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